PLC Basics Second Edition

In this course new users will learn everything they need to know to setup, use, and program Programmable Logic Controllers, including:
- What a PLC is, and the different styles and types they come in
- Understanding Numbering Systems, Data Types, and Ladder Logic Programs
- How to download and use the free RSLogix PLC Software, and setup RSLinx
- How to create, download, & test programs for sensing, timing, counting, etc
- And much, much more! (click here for full details)

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48 Lessons

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In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to use and program PLCs.

Instructor: Shawn Tierney

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In this updated course designed for those new to PLCs, students will learn how to setup, use, and program Allen-Bradley PLCs using RSLogix.

What you will learn:

  • What a PLC is
  • Styles and Types of PLCs
  • Numbering Systems and Data Types
  • Ladder Logic and PLC Software
  • Setup Communications
  • Creating and Running Programs
  • Sensing, Timing, Counting, and more

Who should take this course:

Anyone who would like to learn how to use and program a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC.)

What is required to follow along:

If you would like to follow along with the instructor, you will need a personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP, 7, or 10 to run the free software used in this course.

And while the instructor demonstrates how to download the free programming, communications, and emulation software used, he cannot guarantee that students in every part of the world will have access to Rockwell's downloads.

What is included with the course:

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Lesson 01: Course Introduction

Lesson 02: PLC Hardware Section

Lesson 03: What is a PLC?

Lesson 04: Where are PLCs used?

Lesson 05: Anatomy of a PLC

Lesson 06: Hardware Styles, Types

Lesson 07: Common Inputs, Outputs

Lesson 08: PLCs used in this course

Lesson 09: MicroLogix Hardware Tour

Lesson 10: Programming Cables

Lesson 11: Manuals, Docs

Lesson 12: Numbers and Data

Lesson 13: Numeral Systems

Lesson 14: Types of Numbers

Lesson 15: Units of Digital Info

Lesson 16: Data Types

Lesson 17: Ladder Logic

Lesson 18: What is Ladder Logic

Lesson 19: Download, Install, Setup

Lesson 20: Free PLC Software

Lesson 21: Installing PLC Software

Lesson 21B: Windows 10 Update!

Lesson 22: PLC Software Basics

Lesson 23: PLC Memory

Lesson 24: Emulate, RSLinx, Going Online

Lesson 25: Serial Comms

Lesson 26: Ethernet Comms

Lesson 27: PLC Programming

Lesson 28: Basic Bit Instructions

Lesson 29: Simple Motor Control

Lesson 30: Run Stop Indication

Lesson 31: Bin Full Detection

Lesson 32: Troubleshooting Control

Lesson 33: Intro to Timers

Lesson 34: Sense Jam, No parts

Lesson 35: Elapsed Run Time

Lesson 36: Delay Time

Lesson 37: Timers Extra Credit

Lesson 38: Intro to Counters

Lesson 39: Part Counting

Lesson 40: Copy Part Counts

Lesson 41: Conditional Reset

Lesson 42: Creating a Clock

Lesson 43: ADD and SUB

Lesson 44: MUL and DIV

Lesson 45: GRT and LES

Lesson 46: Final Lesson

Appendix A - Parts Used